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Our Curriculum and Famly



In September 2021 the Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYFS) changed. We have undertaken new training and research to create a curriculum that works well for all children, focusing on each individual child.

At Chuckles we ask all parents before starting with us to complete an 'All About Me' form where you can let us know your child's likes, dislikes, interests, needs and abilities. Each child has a key person who will know your child best! We then use this information for your child's key person to build and develop activities for your child to enjoy and learn from whilst with us. This follows through throughout our setting, from Tiddlers to Toddlers and Pre-School.

The two non-statutory documents we work alongside is; Development Matters and Characteristics of Effective Learning.


Famly is an early years software package which supports us to provide an interactive and multi-purpose system. The key features of this include direct messages, holiday and sick book out, invoices and your child's learning journey.

Famly has brought us closer to our parents, communication is key and this software allows us to keep in contact when needed. Observations of your child's activities and play is uploaded weekly with photos and videos to show you how much fun has been had!

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