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Our Rooms



This classroom is run by Abby who has been with us for over 17 years. The children within this classroom are under two years old and enjoy a range of sensory play and fun whilst developing those new basic skills.

This room is catered to each individual child's needs and routines, following as much as possible the routines at home.


Toddler are aged 2-3 years and this classroom is run by Kieron, our Deputy Manager who has been with us over 10 years.

Toddlers are beginning to use their voice much more with language development and social interaction key skills that are supported within this classroom. 



Our Preschool is led by Maria, our Nursery Manager who has been with us 30 years! Pre-school is for children over 3 years old before they transition to formal school education.

Our preschool has a vast array of activities and learning that takes place on a daily basis, with each individual child's needs catered for whilst preparing them for school. Independence is key and is encouraged.

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